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BLOOM! ~~a modern meta-western~~

Title: BLOOM! (105pgs)

Logline: An alcoholic finds the redemption he's been seeking for the last 20 years when his goddaughter shows up on his doorstep, on the run with stolen cash.

Short pitch:

My meta-western is about an alcoholic filmmaker who finds the redemption he's been seeking the last twenty years when his goddaughter shows up on his doorstep, on the run from a psychotic producer. In it, Bill, guilt-ridden from his involvement in a botched wagon chase scene, which took the lives of his Goddaughter's parents, he attempts to seek forgiveness , by taking in his goddaughter, Petunia. Along the way, Bill and Petunia rebuild a western movie set and decide to re-shoot the wagon chase. But, he doesn't realize that while working as a prostitute, Petunia stole money from a film producer that was owed to the Mexican cartel -- and now she's being tracked down. Ultimately, to protect her, he has to take on the producers and the cartel in a final showdown or face his guilt forever.

You can contact the writer - Jimi Lamp -
directly at blackbeardlamplighter@[sign in to see URL] or

Management: justinbeaz@[sign in to see URL]

Thanks for your time.
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