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Re: Looking for powerful Scripts

Dear Artist,

I am an emerging screenwriter. Below are 4 log-lines for my finest screenplays, hope you'd permit me to send you the complete screenplay or at least the synopsis of one of them.

Name: Roshdy Abd El-Hamid
Contact phone number: +202 0100 38 93 681
Roshdy2k2@[sign in to see URL]

Infiltration of ISIS
Genre: Action.

Logline: A teenager discovers that ISIS has a cell in his University and recruits young boys and girls. He goes to the FBI but they don't believe him so he sets to infiltrate the cell himself, hoping to destroy it from the inside out. When he succeeds he discovers that he bit more than he could eat.

Cloned Tiger
Genre: Horror.

Logline: A tiger secretly cloned to be super smart, breaks out, kills who cloned it and lives with a research and circus lady who knows nothing about it's being a massive murder creature until it starts its killing frenzy before her eyes.

Double-crossed Agent
Genre: Action, espionage.

Logline: A black operation on foreign soil, unsanctioned by the white house or the congress. Operation plan is that the CIA uses 300 million dollar diamonds to retrieve a nuclear shipment from the most powerful arms dealer in history Tony Anotoncahi [sign in to see URL]. THE EMPEROR. The diamonds skyrocket the greed of two CIA agents that they sell out an entire team of 30 fellow agents to THE EMPEROR and put the blame on the no.1 CIA spy agent BRAD, who escapes the massacre by the skin of his teeth and lives on the run in the shadows until he finds a way to take revenge and clear his name. The CIA sends its no. 1 assassin agent ALEX who is ready to kill anyone and anything including himself to get the job done. So BRAD has to nail the most powerful arms dealer ever and his intelligence ties while fighting the CIA no.1 assassin.

Granny Killer
Genre: Crime, mystery.

Logline: A GRANNY disguised as a NUN to make her victims let her in their homes, then uses her ROT VEILER to butcher them. After a series of successful crimes Who stands up for her is a 10 year old kid with a shot gun because his father the "Mr. Nice Guy" turns out to be a former human trafficker.

Thank you in advance for your valuable time

Roshdy Ahmed
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Re: Looking for powerful Scripts

"A Happy Lie"

Genre: comedy

Logline: A homophobic man arrives home to find himself in a gay marriage.

Hollis Blot, a short sighted, simple man, lives every day in convention with his wife, Sonny and young twins, Lenny and Penny. After a hard day at the construction site and being turned away from seeing his convalescent father, he comes home to find that his wife is now a hairy, muscular man. Thinking Sonny is playing a joke; he begins to investigate his marriage, leading him to question whether reality is a benefit or a burden.

Number of pages: 13 pages

Setting(s): 2 locations (house or apartment and construction or work site)

Actor requirements (with descriptions): Male (20's - 40's), Female (20's - 40's), M/F (ages 6 - 12). 2 smaller parts male or female.

Please let me know if you would like to read the completed script.

B. Self
writerbself@[sign in to see URL]
9/3/2017, 1:55 am Link to this post Email writerbself   PM writerbself Blog

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