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Quirky PG/PG13 Comedies

Hello, I am new here but have been a screenwriter for several years. I would like to share a few feature comedies I wrote...

"What's the Big Idea?"
When a pair of junior suits chance on a muckle of specs and jive them up as their own, they must shake a leg before a wet sock gums the works.

"Crystals and Rainbows to You"
A wannabe spiritual guru in the Santa Barbara conscious community struggles to stay centered when an unwelcome visitor, his obnoxious college frat brother, comes to town.

"Lawn Boys"
A washed-up city guy and a crew of misfit landscapers must become champions of nature when a shady artificial turf dealer sets up shop in their hometown.

Please reach out if interested in reading!

Thanks so much,

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