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The Familiars

Logline: Four people who all had similar paranormal experiences in their lives come together to shoot a reality show with the goal of proving the paranormal is real, when they investigate the most haunted house in Waco, Texas they uncover a plot of a potential supernatural invasion by beings born from centuries of pain and suffering.

The Familiars tells the story of Dr. Eli St. James who experiences his first paranormal event at the age of eighteen. Years later, his uncle Roy dies while they were investigating a local ceremony. To prove that the paranormal is real, Eli goes to college and gets a degree in Paranormal studies. Years later, he creates North Carolina Para, a highly successful reality series where he recruits Bonnie Hamilton, a psychic that see’s sprits, Yasmine Ali, a retired NYPD detective who had a paranormal experience on the job and Jay Gordon Patrick who at a moment of life and death discovered he can cross into the Familiar’s world.
Frank and Joy Williams invite the team into their home called Draden House. Draden House was the sight of a bloody battle in which hundreds of slaves were killed and many of their spirits crossed over into the Familiar’s world because of it. The owner of the house, David Draden was killed at that location and has haunted the place ever since. During a walk-through of the house, paranormal activity happens and is captured on audio. During the three-month investigation, three female spirits with a connection to the house appear and Yasmin discovers she has a connection to one of them through bloodlines.

Eventually, an Exorcist is called into cleans the house but during the exorcism, a doorway into our world is opened and thousands of spirits escape looking for something called the Fountain of Life which is said to be somewhere on Earth.

It should be noted that this is a film with at the most three locations to film, Draden House, the library and a police station. The right production company could make a killing as I plan on this film to be the first in a series of films
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