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Feature Script:


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Page Count: 90pp
Genre: Romance


A young businessman is trying to earn a simple student's heart which he broke due to a big misunderstanding.


Kaden is a young businessman who values decency and morality above everything and cannot stand people who lead low lifestyle. Bree is a student in a university who values humanity above everything. She tries her best to be helpful for everyone who needs help.
The movie begins with a busy morning when Kaden, at his family house, is getting ready to go to his office and Bree, on a busy street, is preparing to shoot a film on a social experiment about the people’s attitude to drug addicts. At the last moment, the actress who was supposed to play the drug addict hooker, refuses to come and Bree has to play her herself. Ironically or accidentally, Kaden, on his way to the office, is driving through the street where Bree is shooting her film. And he sees Bree playing a drug addict on the street in a hooker outfit. But he doesn’t know that they are making a social experiment video so he takes it as a real life situation and he thinks Bree is a real drug addict and hooker. The kind of people he cannot stand. In addition to this, he meets Bree once again, on the evening of the same day, in a bar from where she walks out with an old man. Once again he thinks she is a kind of prostitute. But actually, Bree was escorting an old tenant back to the care home where she volunteers.
Later Kaden meets Bree in a party and also their house as his sister invites her. But Kaden turns Bree out of the party as well as their house as he thinks she is not a proper person to be around them. Bree is confused and humiliated. She thinks she is being treated this way only because she is poor and he is rich. Ironically she starts a part time job in the company where Kaden is the manager. Of course, Kaden fires her from the job too, as soon as he sees her there. He also warns her to stay away from his sister.
But later Kaden finds out from his sister the truth about the scenes he saw on the street. He realizes his big mistake and his conscience starts tormenting him. So he decides to work hard to earn Bree’s forgiveness. But it is not so easy. He hurt Bree so bad that she does not even want to see him.
In the beginning, it was only about earning Bree’s forgiveness. But in the process, Kaden falls in love with her as he sees her real lifestyle. Now he works hard to earn her heart. And he eventually achieves his goal. But unfortunately, Bree hears his phone conversation with his friend where they discuss some business related matter and, Bree misunderstands their conversation. She thinks they are talking about her and Kaden was around her pretending to care for her just because he made a bet with his friend. She immediately stops all the relations with him and she even does not let Kaden explain the situation.
But Kaden decides not to give up and to earn her heart back again. In the end of the movie, Kaden, his friend and his sister arrange a trip where all the dark points become clear and Bree realizes her misunderstandings too. And there we have the happy ending.
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