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Seek Buddy Cop Script For Option

A producer seeks a buddy cop script that focuses on the relationship between the two cops and not plot twists. Will purchase if funded.

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Re: Seek Buddy Cop Script For Option

Title: Jacked In South Central
Genre: Action | Comedy
Mins/Pages: 90

A black veteran cop and his white rookie partner pursue a young black carjacking suspect on the streets and freeways of LA, ending at a quick stop where the suspect is holed up; when SWAT fails to arrive, LAPD negotiates...

HMU... let's talk... 😜

My IMDb page... [sign in to see URL]

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Produced screenwriter's buddy cop script


I’ve had a hand in writing 4 produced feature film screenplays, the latest of which stars Ben Kingsley.

My latest script is BAD COP, WORSE COP, a buddy cop story. The logline and synopsis, as well as my bio and credits follow. Please let me know if you wish to read the script. If so, please provide your name, bio and credits.
Richard A Lasser
offyougo@[sign in to see URL]
310 990 5941


A returning vet/turned LAPD undercover officer with a troubled history has to overcome a lifelong trauma and his corrupt Captain to battle an up-and-coming drug lord and his corrupt boss.


KURT’s a new cop, with a troubled history, trying to get his game back. Cousin EUGENE is a rising drug dealer for Chinatown’s JIMMY FOO, head of the deadly U.N. gang – so called because of the wide variety of ethnic types in its ranks. They’re at war with the solidly Vietnamese Mekong gang, and their bloody turf battles rage throughout the streets of LA. Under DETECTIVE CAPTAIN MCPHERSON’S guidance, Kurt becomes an undercover cop, bent on busting Eugene, who leapfrogs Foo (by murdering him) to become a drug kingpin, eliminating the Mekong in the process. But Kurt’s got a secret. He feels responsible for his parents’ death when, as a little boy, he failed to act. And that trauma comes back to haunt him on the police force.
It all comes to a head when Kurt (in spite of McPherson’s misdirection) figures out that CITY COUNCILMAN MOONEY, a payoff-happy city legislator, is behind the U.N, with McPherson as his paid police hack. Attempting to arrest Mooney, Kurt comes face to face with Eugene. Guns drawn, it’s clear somebody’s going to die. But Kurt’s childhood memories haunt him and he can’t seem to pull the trigger. But bullets fly and Mooney ends up dead. With an armada of police waiting to arrest the killer of a City Councilman, the only way they’re getting out is with some help. And that’s supplied by McPherson, who finally wants to do one noble thing to redeem himself.

Resume – Credits
IMDB links:
[sign in to see URL]
[sign in to see URL]

Film Credits:
1. 'The Chosen Few', feature-length psychological thriller, produced by I VU Pictures. Writer and Co-Producer
2. “The Counting House”, feature-length psychological horror, produced by RAI Cinema, Italy. Writer. A writer-for-hire project.
3. “The Tricks of Love”, a feature-length romantic comedy by Mutressa Movies. [sign in to see URL]
4. “The Obedient Son”, short, war drama, Liberty Studios.
5. “I Scream”, short, dark comedy. Late Bloomer Films. Writer and Director.
[url][sign in to see URL]
6. “Walking With the Enemy”, Liberty Studios, Writer
7. “Shift of the Ages” Pqubd Films, Writer
In Pre-Production
1. Mondo Motion Pictures shooting “The Happy Frenchman” a bittersweet love story. shooting in Paris. 2016. Writer

Produced Plays
“The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush,” San Francisco, May 2008.
1. “The Tricks of a Woman”, Best Picture, Monaco International Film Festival, 2008
2. “The Chosen Few” Award of Excellence-Feature Category, Berkeley Film Festival, 2002; Official Selection Vancouver Island Film Festival, 2002
3. Chesterfield Writers Awards – Semi-Finalist
4. New Century Writers Awards – Finalist for “Young Love”
5. “Bedroom City” Official Selection for IFP Market 2006, No Borders Section.
6. “CGY” Honorable Mention, Canada International Film Festival
Education, Training and Background:
B.A. University of Virginia, Double Major in English Honors and Russian Language and Literature
Postgraduate work, UCLA, Russian Studies
Robert McKee’s Story Structure graduate
John Truby’s Screenwriting graduate
Author of two books, (Great Vegetables From the Great Chefs and Great Desserts From the Great Chefs, for Chronicle Books. (under the pseudonym Baba S. Khalsa), numerous articles for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Food and Wine Magazine

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