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Re: TV Screenplays Wanted

For your kind consideration:

          Where Was I
     (When I Was Where I Was)

           Charles Jose Noriega

Log Line: It’s hard to tell one world from the other while making sense of the nonsensical as the simple innocent meets the fantastic!
Grandma lives in a cave, albeit with all the accommodations, because she keeps
setting fire to the house with her experiments.

There’s a spaceman, Laser hiding in the local mountains, that only the military knows about, but a trio of inebriated town folk think they’ll have a look.

There’s a lion on the loose - escape from where?

And above all, Pano Martin such as his quaint life might be, is zapped with the ability to travel to other worlds. This amazes, intrigues, and confounds him as he searches for reasons how and why and, a way to right himself. For, he is fearful of losing his ability to remain in his own world and be entrapped in others. As he is, becoming positively unsure of being positively sure. “How can it be, where I’ve been, not to be where I am?” This is further complicated, as malevolent forces seek to capture him and extract his gift
of “universal” travel for their own evil designs.

Further complicating matters, his usually “happy go lucky” wife, confronts him with a newly thrust upon them debt, by a debt collector who has secretly discovered the long lost “Treasure of Vasquez the Bandit” on their land.

All of these factors will influence one another, be it directly or indirectly and help to find a resolve. As, Pano comes to learn how he has obtained and how he can return this special “gift of travel” and be as he was before. He learns that he must confront the malevolent force head on. It is a formula whereby he becomes a reluctant/accidental hero, freeing not only himself, but others as well. From this effort, Laser too will gain
his release. The military will be disappointed in not finding him, but happy to have found the long lost “Treasure of Vasquez the Bandit”.

Pano’s wife and friends believe Pano’s seemingly “mishap” has been, “Fluffy” their dog, all along. For, she too carries away a sack full of gold coins.

Completed script can be forwarded upon

My work has been produced on the Hollywood Stage. Also: I have been Head Writer for an Educational Video Series, have been a Screenwriting Scholarship Recipient at 20th Century Fox, B.A. Theater Arts. I have also written three other screenplays.

Thanks for your kind consideration,

Charles J. Noriega
4007 Portola Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032
charliejnoriega@[sign in to see URL]
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