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           BELOW LEVEL 7
           A screenplay by
           David Orange
        (Inspired by true events)

Genre: Action Thriller, Horror 108 pages

When a bitter, former Army special forces sergeant goes up to the mountains to kill himself, his daughter, sensing something is up, pays him a visit and then disappears, forcing him to save her from the intrusion of an evil force.

Synopsis: SAM DAWSON, a former army Special Forces sergeant, still dealing with the bitter failure of his last mission and also a recent divorce, is supposedly hunting big game on a northern New Mexico Indian reservation. CARLA, a college coed, is fearful her estranged father’s erratic, drunken behavior is plummeting him into despair. What she doesn’t know is that Sam’s about to pull the trigger on his empty existence. Her surprise visit interrupts his plans and then, when Carla vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Sam, energized with new purpose, races into action.

At the abduction site, after a quick and fruitless search, law authorities stall Sam's efforts and seek to blame the local Indians. But one aged Apache named BILLY TWO SNAKES catches Sam's eye and points him to a mesa-topped mountain looming in the distance. Billy, whose wife had strangely disappeared years ago, has been waiting for her return. Together, the stubborn efforts of these very different men will unlock the key to the mountain’s deep dark secret.

It seems one tribe of Apaches has been fighting a secret war for generations. Billy, invoking native history and folklore, enlists tribesmen to help, while Sam contacts two of his old Special Forces buddies. Even Mother Nature has a part to play in this epic struggle.

Fighting them every inch of the way is a Shadow Group working in the obscurities of the American government. They know why people are disappearing, and will do anything to protect the frightening Faustian bargain behind it.

Sam’s daughter among the many youths held hostage inside the mountain on a dimly lit level known as Nightmare Hall holds onto life by a thread. Prisoners scurry about, desperate not to be selected by Controllers who give commands in whispery, eerie voices from the unseen darkness. A male captive stealthily teaches Carla how to survive, even if only for another day. She must learn fast how to defeat the game the Controllers play: frighten the hell out of prisoners so their fear releases hormones which wildly excite those in control! Can Carla hide her fear so they will bypass selecting her? Or will the Controllers catch on to her ruse?

With the clock ticking to his daughter’s sickening fate, Sam finds it virtually impossible to breach the mountain’s futuristic security. In total desperation, he listens to addled old Billy’s ramblings about ancient folklore strategies his ancestors once used in battle.

EL-TE, a guard inside the mountain is deeply torn over the butchery many hostages undergo. He’s no longer completely human; experiments have augmented his physical and mental makeup, but not his heart still full of compassion. He’s fallen in love with a female prisoner, and they hope for a life away from this hell. But can El-Te be trusted to help Sam’s rag-tag team, or will he lead to their downfall?

Can the diabolical atrocities of those lurking inside the mountain and Below Level 7 be stopped from spreading their agenda against mankind?

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