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The bank robbers miss the takings van from the bank. So they take a hostage, Harry. After a getaway chase and pretend fight with the police. The bank robbers take Harry home. Harry meets Julianna. She is the lead bank robber's sister. She does fetish work for high court judges, disciplining them. The police are convinced Harry is one of the bank robbers. Having been informed by a neighbour of Harry's whereabouts. The police turn up and he is carted off to jail by the same police. The bank robbers next morning then re-rescue Harry from the police cells disguised as police with beards. Harry is completely unaware who they are. The real police, after realising Harry has been taken. Then turn up at the bank robbers flat looking for Harry. Julianna tells them to mind their own business. The police tell her they'll be back. They are then told by the next door neighbour, she was listening in. To go to the local church. She tells them that's where Harry might be. Meanwhile the bank robbers dressed as police, after rescuing Harry. Decided to just pop into the same church Julianna goes to. They leave. Half an hour later the real police turn up. This confuses Father Anthony. He tells them they were in the church half an hour ago. They insist they weren't. The real police realise what's happened and go to the bank robbers flat, again. The bank robbers see the police. And escape out the back way dressed as women. The lead bank robber George, finally gives himself up. Julianna helps him get a lighter sentence because she does the fetish work for a particular judge. The reason the police are told go to the church is because Julianna attends church quite a lot. The next door neighbour knows this and that she is also George's sister. So she puts 2 + 2 together. upursareswipe@[sign in to see URL].

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