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Thriller based on the Casino milieu

Screenplay about 130 pages
Written in German and English
Ben Sinclair is a mild-mannered guy, gentle and as fearful as any common man. But he has a very dangerous talent: he can throw the white roulette ball to show any number he wants. And to contravene the rules is dangerous. After this talent earns him a first time brush with death in the bowels of London’s gambling scene, as well the loss of his job there as a croupier, he flees Europe and heads to North America, going straight to the familiar land of Las Vegas in hopes of a happier and possibly safer life.
Upon arrival it seems that he’s escaped the violence of his past, and begins to test out another gift he holds - the ability to predict the destination of the white ball when another person throws it. But again, he soon garner’s the attention of murderous men who try to kill him. He barely survives but this time is completely changed inside. Every instinct to feel fear has been totally eradicated from him! From now on Ben will no more suffer any suppression or violation - from nobody.
With this new achievement Ben returns back to London to take sweet revenge on the people of the scene there, not knowing that the pretty young lady he fell in love with is the daughter of the boss of the syndicate that gave him that raw deal before. But she plays foul with him and when a friend dies the situation gets out of control.

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