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Strange Aeons


A debunker of the paranormal must question his beliefs when he encounters the monstrous creatures foretold in the dark prophecies of H. P. Lovecraft.


A debunker of the paranormal by day, lover by night, Mark Stone is enjoying a close relationship with beautiful socialite, Julia Corby. But then the mysterious Necron Foundation enlists his help to discover the truth about an alleged monster sighting in the small town of Whately.
Unknown to them, the sinister Sebastian Valentine is masterminding a diabolical scheme to unleash cosmic horrors upon the world to prepare mankind for the return of his supernatural masters, the Great Old Ones, and intends on using Julia Corby’s stepdaughter, Suzy, as a human sacrifice in the process.
Stone's assignment now is to stop him, armed with an assortment of useful occult talismans and gadgets, plus the assistance of the capable but mysterious Sarah Carter.
Along the way, Stone is betrayed, beaten, and nearly killed by monstrous creatures.
In the end, Stone prevails, with Suzy by his side as he all but singlehandedly destroys Valentine's evil enterprise and plot to deliver the world into the hands of the Great Old Ones.

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