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Logline: A female bounty hunter holds an innocent man hostage as bait to trap his future-self: a fugitive killer from 20 years in the future able to project mind-warping illusions.

'One Night Siege' is a micro-budget screenplay for a contained action franchise with Sci-Fi elements. It relies on real-life action and mind-bending plot twists rather than CGI.

It takes place mainly at one location but at different time periods - the present day… 20 years in the future… and 40 years in the future.

KALYANN is a Fugitive Recovery Agent with a special ability: she gets flash-visions of the future whenever danger is imminent. A useful gift for a girl who only hunts the toughest of targets. Which is why she’s holed-up in a gangland bar, holding a bunch of violent lowlifes hostage.

When Kalyann gets badly hurt and a hostage gets killed during a shoot-out, Kalyann only survives because it’s a flash-vision - allowing her to take evasive action and save herself and the hostage. (For dramatic effect, the flash-vision appears in the script without warning and so we only discover it’s a flash-vision when it’s over and she prepares to take evasive action. Her ability to see flash-visions is introduced earlier in the story).

As a result of the shoot-out, Kalyann makes a shocking discovery: EVAN, the saved hostage - is the innocent and younger-self of FAITHLESS, a fugitive killer from 20 years in the future who has the special ability to project mind-warping illusions.

Evan is at the bar awaiting the arrival of Faithless by prior arrangement. Because, Faithless has one major weakness: he’s dying and his only hope is to merge identities with Evan.

Faithless has 24 hours to merge with Evan or he dies.

So, Kalyann handcuffs herself to Evan as bait to trap Faithless. Her plan is simple: threaten to kill Evan to get Faithless to surrender.

The 24-hour deadline passes and Faithless is a no-show.

Kalyann calls it quits and returns to her hotel for much-needed sleep. She gets woken by a loud crash out on the corridor. Kalyann walks into a room and finds a naked woman handcuffed to a bed and suffering some kind of seizure. The woman is barely coherent. Her body is racked by a series of spasms. She begs Kalyann to take off the handcuffs.
Kalyann searches frantically for the key.
Kalyann is just about to set the woman free when the truth dawns on her – she’s actually still at the gangland bar, asleep. And this dream, is the first in a series of mind-bending illusions, projected by Faithless to trick her into releasing Evan.

The climax of the story takes place in a White Void Room (think ‘The Matrix’):
Faithless has Kalyann under his gun. In turn, Kalyann has the barrel of her gun aimed at Evan’s head and Evan has his weapon aimed directly at Kalyann. It’s a three-way stand-off.

Finally convinced that Faithless has been lying to him all along, Evan decides against merging identities with his future-self. But there’s only one way to stop Faithless.
Evan lowers his weapon. Kalyann shoots Evan dead. Faithless hesitates for a split-second before he shoots Kalyann. That split-second is enough to save her life.

Evan dies immediately. And so, Faithless – his future-self – instantly vanishes, along with his gun and the shot he fires because Evan and Faithless exist on the same timeline.

The bullet simply never reaches Kalyann. She struggles to her feet, amazed to see that she’s still alive.

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