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Logline: A son flees his father's wrath after his mother is accidentally killed, but members of their martial arts family get caught up in the deadly showdown.

Present day, London: A visiting martial arts master challenges Branco, a young instructor, to a duel in his dojo, in front of his students. But it’s not just any visiting master – it’s the master who taught Branco everything he knows - a master who also happens to be his father.

Any good student aspires to surpass his teacher. But for Branco: a fight with his old man is a fight he loses even if he wins, and if he refuses to fight he loses the respect and admiration of his students.

So, Branco wins the fight but it’s a bitter victory: it’s the spark that lights the fire that burns down an entire house. Because days later, Branco’s mother is accidentally killed during a family quarrel and his father, Becks, is hunting Branco - determined to kill his only child.

It’s a tough time for Branco - grieving for his mother while fighting off street warriors sent by Becks to bring him in. And Becks is not having an easy time: almost beaten to death when he finds himself surrounded by a martial arts street gang loyal to Branco.

Humiliated and enraged, Becks takes Branco’s pregnant girlfriend hostage, to force Branco to fight him in a death match. But Branco is grieving for his mother and is not in the mood for a fight. Besides, Branco’s not convinced Becks would harm a pregnant woman who also happens to be the mother of his future grandchild.

So, hoping time will take the edge off his father’s rage, Branco goes into hiding at a secret combat dojo run by his uncle Dax, a veteran tournament champion. Dax is Becks’ younger brother but a long-standing grudge has kept them from speaking for more than 20 years.

Events take a turn for the worst when Branco’s pregnant girlfriend falls ill and dies, losing the baby, while Becks’ is holding her hostage. Now, it’s Branco who’s consumed with rage and hate. But Dax knows that Branco does not stand a chance against his father in a real fight. So, Dax begins training Branco while Becks and his people attempt to track down the location of the secret dojo.

The inevitable showdown finally takes place in a narrow industrial alleyway on a night pouring hard with rain. Becks turns up with a sidekick and Branco arrives with Dax. After 20 years, the hatred between Dax and Becks is undiminished.

The battle kicks off. Dax takes on Becks and Branco takes on the sidekick. When Dax is fatally hurt, Branco brings the fight to his father. At this point, Becks and Branco realize that they are the only surviving members of their family. And then, Becks has Branco down - about to deliver a killer strike. But a split second of hesitation from Becks gives Branco the upper hand. For Branco it’s the bitterest of victories: he’s lost his entire family and all that’s left is an uncertain future filled with guilt and grief.

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