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CODEX JESUITA (Action/Drama) Logline + Synopsis

Hello. I’m a security guard who literally wrote a script (50+ pages) on my phone while at work.

Here it goes.

Codex Jesuita (Code of the Jesuits)

Logline: As an overly trained Jesuit mercenary with a damaged past, one man seeks to detach from a life of espionage, assassination, and deception to indulge in a life with his wife and son. Forcefully submitting a preemptive resignation, he’s faced with an ultimatum to return to the shadowy fold that once taught him everything he knows, or be dealt a solid blow that not even he can bear to cope with.

Full Synopsis:

The film focuses on the story of Devereaux Saunders, who was recruited into the Jesuit Order’s ranks at the age of 12.

Devereaux’s parents died in a botched armed robbery when he was 7. Devereaux becomes cold, carrying inconceivable hatred in his heart and decides to build a wall to not let anyone new into his life. His playboy uncle refuses to take him in after he’s expelled from the elementary school for savagely beating a classmate after being teased and decides he is better off with Bishop St. Claire. He is taken in by Bishop Saint Claire of the local parish, who attempts to warm up to the boy only to be shut out completely until Devereaux finds him reading the Bible one night in the sanctuary. Asking him what he’s doing, the Bishop decides to let the troubled boy in on some ancient wisdom: religion is a sham, a man-made device to engineer fear and create docile masses. He also teaches Devereaux the original Hebrew Name of the Father. The two share a bond after Devereaux questions why the Bishop still runs a church, and Devereaux finally lets someone in again to care about.

Devereaux leaves the boy's school at the age of 12, after a scout from the Jesuit Order is in town for business and attends mass at Bishop St. Claire’s parish out of convenience. Before entering, he spots a small boy effortlessly using Kong Vaults and other parkour techniques to move over obstacles to make it to mass on time. He’s interested in this boy’s athleticism and converses with Bishop St. Claire after mass, who reluctantly gives the scout information on Devereaux’s past because he knows his intentions. Shortly thereafter, Devereaux departs the Catholic Boy’s School to attend the Jesuit Compound to be trained by the Jesuit Order inside of the Vatican.

Being an orphan who had nothing to lose, and was imbued with a strong sense of anger due to the tragedy, Devereaux grows quickly within the ranks of the Order, establishing notoriety within the Vatican compound’s walls where he resides, with instructors taking a liking to him, and also being envied by some classmates. The purpose of the Order is to take society’s outcasts and mold them into superiorly-trained mercenaries that answer only to the Vatican, while lacking independent thought. Devereaux, however, retains his freedom of individuality, which makes him stand out as he often questions authority and rebels against the system presented to him.

Trained in tradecraft, espionage, hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and explosives, Devereaux excels in each area, passing each test with flying colors and soon attracts the attention of the Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolas, who recruits Devereaux as his personal mercenary / assassin to be sent on clandestine operations worldwide. Devereaux is also taught the ins and outs of the Roman Catholic Church, which he vehemently disagrees with since the Bishop already showed him the truth and chooses to keep the Ten Commandments. He keeps this information to himself, however and plays his role.

The years pass, and while on assignment in Spain, Devereaux meets Mariana while at a cantina bar. They hit it off, and eventually get married (with Devereaux enlisting Bishop St. Claire to officiate at the parish).

It’s after the birth of their baby boy, Mario, that Devereaux understands that his career choice isn’t necessarily healthy to continue in for the sake of his new family, and maybe, despite his dark history, he can have a chance at building a life for himself while continuing to follow the Ten Commandments. Devereaux seeks to finally put aside a life of secrets, since Mariana doesn’t even know what he does for a living (she thinks he’s a real estate broker, which explains why he’s always gone). The Jesuits dismiss Devereaux’s claims of living a normal life, love, and a family since the Order is all he has known since he was a preteen.

While on another assignment in Los Angeles, where he’s sent to assassinate a musician who is threatening to expose the Order, Devereaux decides (unbeknownst to his assignment handler, Vincenzo Patrelli) to submit his “resignation” after this last job is finished. The following morning, upon waking and reminiscing on Mariana and his son, Devereaux decides to escape the compound when security is the most lax. Upon escaping, Vincenzo is implored by the Black Pope to extend an offer of mercy in exchange for his return.

Devereaux has gone rogue, he’s most dangerous now, since he can expose the illegal activities of the Order (child trafficking, opiate distribution, laundering, racketeering, and being the hidden hand behind the world’s most ‘powerful men’, from bankers to presidents). Devereaux rejects Vincenzo’s conditional offer, and proceeds to visit the man who taught him the truth behind organized religion. The Black Pope gives an ominous declaration, and the hunt for Devereaux Saunders has begun, but the Black Pope doesn’t decide to go after Devereaux himself, he decides to attack his heart, and sends lesser mercenaries to his home to attack his wife and kidnap their son.

Devereaux, upon finding out what’s happened to his wife and their son has become forced on a path that draws him out of retirement, to retrieve his son, deal with heart wrenching betrayal, and fight his way to the Black Pope’s doorstep.

That’s the synopsis of the film, the script is up for grabs. Can’t wait to hear feedback.

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