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Feature animation script




When a scientist who thinks of himself as a king is poised to rule the world, three freedom-loving variant soldier miniclones embark on an adventure together with their creator to stop him.


The GP1 miniclones live in the Anthill, a top-secret military facility on Hobbes Island. They are the size of a toy soldier, humanoid, young, and powerful.

Variant GP1 miniclones Nano, Locust, and Buffalo awaken a desire for freedom in their brothers,so they no longer want to abide by their human leaders' orders. Dr. David Miller, the GP1 miniclones' creator, leaves the Anthill, carrying the three variants and two regular GP1 miniclones inside a cryocase. He rejoins his girlfriend at Picus Research Station on Mars. Dr. Gorman, having invented a technique to condition people to obey him, has already control over the armed forces of the world and plans on ruling the whole world from his Martian castle as a self-proclaimed king. Upon hearing of the existence of GP1 miniclones, he orders that the Anthill be taken. He then takes the Picus staff prisoner.

Dave challenges the authority of the so-called King of the World, who gets him sent into a torture cell. Dave wakes Nano, Locust, Buffalo, and the other two GP1 miniclones from their cryogenic sleep. But, bearing a grudge against their creator for conducting experiments to make them obedient, they refuse to help him escape from his cell and leave him to his fate. Nonetheless, he allies himself with Dr. Gorman's former intelligence officer and manages to escape.

On Hobbes Island, Dr. Gorman's troops begin their assault on the Anthill. The chief of staff of the GP1 miniclone Armed Forces warns the GP1 miniclones about it. They begin to fight back. As Nano, Locust, Buffalo, and the other two GP1 miniclones look for a craft to Earth in the Martian castle, they become conscience-stricken. Later, they save Dave from a creature's attack. He talks to them about Dr. Gorman's intention to rule the world. He and his new pal, who is in possession of data relating to Dr. Gorman's Earth-based sublimation missiles, get away from the Martian castle with the help of Nano and Locust. They all make it to the Anthill.

Nano, Locust, and other GP1 miniclones start to disable Dr. Gorman's sublimation missiles.
Meanwhile, in the Martian castle, Buffalo and the other two GP1 miniclones bring weapons to the emprisoned Picus staff members. The latter begin to fight soldiers and Dave's girlfriend gets badly wounded. One of the two regular GP1 miniclones is captured. Dr. Gorman uses his mind control technique over him. The conditioned GP1 miniclone discloses the plan to disable his sublimation missiles.

Nano and Locust have trouble disabling their assigned missile, which could have disastrous consequences for Earth. Dave returns to the Martian castle along with his pal and two companiesto rescue his girlfriend. Despite an enemy attack, all the sublimation missiles are now safe and the bulk of the GP1 miniclone forces, including Nano and Locust, storm Dr. Gorman's Earth bases. Dave, his pal, and a handful of GP1 miniclones confront Dr. Gorman, who eventually flees. Buffalo frees his conditioned brother from his submissiveness to Dr. Gorman. The GP1 miniclones win the war and come back to the Anthill.

The chief of staff of the GP1 miniclone Armed Forces offers them Hobbes Island to reward their bravery. Nano, Locust, Buffalo as well as all the other GP1 miniclones are brimming with joy. They are starting a free life.
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