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"PRICELESS," a dark crime-thriller feature

Logline: An old school cop and his female rookie partner shut down a human trafficking operation serving the rich and powerful.

Synopsis: Evidence found at the scene of a traffic accident lead an old school homicide detective and his female rookie partner to a human trafficking operation serving the rich and powerful. Their investigation is immediately blocked and the detectives are prevented from making a case. When one of the detectives is nearly killed in a savage attack, it becomes clear they are risking more than their careers in pursuing this case. Unwilling to walk away from the dark and pervasive evil they have uncovered, the detectives take the law into their own hands.

Completed 93 page feature from award-winning and produced writer. My profile and writing samples are posted here: [sign in to see URL]

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In 6 short years, I earned a 4 year degree from a large brick and mortar university.
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