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screenplay+video pilot for sale

"Holy Matrimony"
screenplay and video pilot
ultra-low budget with minimal locations and a small leading cast
By: Itzhak Begerano
Genre: psychological urban Fiction (Mystery/Suspense)
Pau 2-647-306 by us, copyright office
E mail: Kim0I@[sign in to see URL]
"Holy Matrimony" Contains: 60 pages

Log line
"Can we play chess with our destiny?"

Privet investigator chases after nefarious murder while his wife unfaithful to
 [sign in to see URL] is being blackmail and fights for her life it's a story about:
Obsession and ego which leads to insanity!!!

This screenplay is also good for [sign in to see URL] !
You tube : holy matrimony
 isaac goldone vts 01 1(part 1)
 isaac goldone vts 01 2(part 2)
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