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My name is Qazi Fabia Hoq and I have written a drama-thriller feature screenplay called 'THE REFUGEES'.


Genre: Drama
Sub genre: Thriller

Logline: To find peace a refugee family flees their war-torn country but unfortunately faces hurdles and discrimination in every country they visit and also gets involve in crimes they are forced to commit.

This script has got good coverage from industry executive and has got positive review for unique and compelling story that has never been portrayed in Hollywood as yet, but has the cachet of being generally familiar to the audience/reader through news and culture.

The following is expressed by a screenplay contest reader, 'This script tells a timely and compelling story. The writer’s passion is evident on every page, and the story (of refugees from Aleppo) is one that hasn’t been portrayed in the mainstream as yet. The originality of the idea, and the very human story being told, makes this a script worth paying attention to.'

It is a story about a man and his family who does everything they can to protect themselves from the outside world. From leaving their war torn country, to settling in a completely different place they tackle every problems together. Throughout their journey they come face to face with death and are forced to commit crimes to save each other. The story shows the current socio-political situation and portrays other factors faced by a refugee family such as discrimination and judgements based on religion, colour, race and lifestyle. The story therefore resembles the current condition faced by a refugee family and shows the uncertainty and fear faced by a family in danger.

I believe the riveting suspense and high stakes in 'The Refugee' will appeal to very wide audience.

Contact: qazifabiahoq@[sign in to see URL]

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