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"Axel (Masked Wrestler) and The Lake Worth Monsterquest"

I am a published author of a non-fiction book, a comic book, and a baseball documentary. I would like to offer you the storyboards and loglines of my low budget horror/action/Luchador script, "Axel and The Fort lake Monsterquest". The script is completed. Axel is a Mexican high flying masked wrestler and grandson in real life of mexican wrestling legend "El Santo", but any high flying masked wrestler can be use.

The story takes place at present time. It can be filmed within three or four locations and not many characters

Title: "Axel and The Lake Worth Monsterquest"

Writer: Robbie Mercado

Genre: Horror/Lucha Hero/Action Adventure


The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler, a criptozoologist, and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as “The Fort Lake Monster”. (Based on the Aski Graphic Novel created by me and the real Lake Worth, TX creature myth.)


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