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"Split" / Brandi Self

"Split" a mind bending drama w/ fantasy elements

Logline: In a small town where romance is forbidden, a lonely bookworm and a strangely intrepid woman find sanctuary in a cave, but when a fastidious New Yorker starts to have a mental breakdown, the couple is forced to make a decision between love and existence.

Synopsis: Noah’s humdrum life is pleasantly interrupted when he meets the precocious Birdie, who adds a bit of color to the staunchly pious small town of Sunny Shores. Quite the opposite, Stephen Peters is an overworked advertising agent in the big city, who is doing his best to keep his personal life private and in doing so has lost his long term love. Noah and Birdie soon find sanctuary in an obscure cave, while the rest of the town seems to be growing more hostile by the day. When the town starts to deteriorate all around them, the couple is forced to come to grips with their own existence as Stephan reaches his breaking point.
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