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alien i

An FBI agent and his alien counterpart hunt a renegade scientist from the planet Rahl, who would rather kill and torture humans than observe them.

When two kids find a severed hand at a remote beach the Sheriff’s department investigates. Soon they uncover almost two hundred bodies at what the media starts to call The Dumping Ground. Due to the extreme number of murders the governor calls in the FBI to help with the investigation.

Profiler Special Agent Peter Wilde responds to the scene and sets up shop. During the night there is a break in at the airport hangar where all the bodies are being kept. When key evidence is stolen chase ensues and Wilde soon learns that the burglar is not from this world.

Both Wilde and Enforcer Kralig realize they need each other and form an alliance. They’re soon on the right path leading to their killer Dr. Ronik, an alien behavioral scientist, who has started killing and torturing humans. When they think they have him cornered a booby trap kills one of Wilde’s agents.

They continue their hunt and re-establish the trail. They arrive at Dr. Ronik’s hideout and after dodging a few more booby traps they confront him. During a heroic battle they kill Dr. Ronik. An explosion and subsequent cavein buries his body. It is not recovered.
This feature-length screenplay will sent to you upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
Cecil E. Davis, Jr.
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