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"The File" Horror / Thriller Found Footage Feature Screenplay

This Feature length screenplay is 117 pages. Please include an IMdB link with all inquiries. Third party Coverage will be forwarded upon request.

Media: [url][sign in to see URL]
Notes: This is a 47 second trailer derived from a Short Film adaptation based on the full “The File” Screen Play.

LOG LINE: The cyclical return of an ancient evil imperils the lives of a documentary film crew, forcing them on a journey searching for answers to an ancient mystery that spans all of time and space.

A professional film crew is on location outdoors shooting a scene for their documentary Spinning for Gold, depicting professional sign spinners. The ever unenthusiastic Jeff, the on-camera talent, dreams of a more intriguing subject, as he degrades the act of sign spinning. During their session, the team hears about a haunted place located on the outskirts of the city. The disbelief of the crew draws their curiosity to the so-called haunted location.

The alleged haunted area appears to be nothing out of the ordinary, until the entire crew witnesses a homeless man magnetically pulled into an empty void of space, and vanishes into thin air. Cameras record the unbelievable scene, until the terror of the sight gets the best of the film crew, and they flee the haunted site.

At a nearby location, the crew playback the recorded footage only to discover something more abnormal; the recording equipment failed to capture the disappearance of the homeless man. The crew’s curiosity of the unexplainable draws them to investigate their case further. They search for a person with extensive knowledge of such supernatural phenomenon.

The crew consults with Tyler Cavil, a known researcher in the paranormal. The crew shows Tyler their recorded footage, as he advises the crew he will review the material and remain in contact.

The crew’s second visit is made with Quinn Strider, a notable figure in occult practices. Quinn extends a great deal of knowledge and history to the crew after he performs an Ouija board session with the group to ascertain what may have happened. During the consult with Quinn, one of the crew member’s Nando contracts a sudden case of leprosy, and dies from shock. Cami, Mick, Rager, Tony, and Jeff, are all required to remain at the hospital under close observation while Nando’s death is investigated. All crew members are released with great relief, yet tension rises from the loss of their mutual friend.

A sense of obligation takes over the crew, as the members set out to consult with Quinn Strider once again, now approaching him for answers to a second unexplainable event; the sudden death of their friend Nando. Quinn refers to historical allegories and the mythological causation of an entity known as Moz. He diligently refers to the series of events as the Moz effect, and advises the crew of the next predictable appearance, with precise location and time, at a local street market. Quinn tells the crew they must confront Moz, or the entity and its effects will dwell in their lives until they are all dead.

The vulnerability of the crew draws them to the street market, in search of answers but also hoping to confront Moz and put an end to its devastation, but three more crew members vanish in the market crowd.

In complete panic the crew returns to Quinn Strider’s home and tells them about the third disappearance of the three crew members. Quinn is a seer of sorts, and advises the gullible crew yet again, of one final appearance of Moz, in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. The crew’s faith in Quinn is shaken up a bit, but as the crew return to their production studio, Tyler Cavil and his mysterious friend Eric Cornelius, confirm the information given by Quinn, thus re-instilling their belief in Moz. Tyler has an even stronger message to the crew: confront Moz or else their inaction could lead to the sudden death of millions of innocent people.

As the stakes are set higher, the crew set out to the factory to confront this Moz entity once and for all. Odd sounds and dark shadows pull the remaining members further into the depths of the ancient building. In its lower tunnels, Cami, Mick, and Jeff find Quinn Strider performing an occult ritual, leading their crew all along, in order to reach this point of a human sacrifice to Moz.
In the midst of conflict between Quinn and the crew members, Quinn is killed. The three stand before two portals that lead to the mysterious Moz. Moz suddenly reveals itself, chasing the crew through the tunnels until they are out of the building. Two of the remaining three members are lost.

The final surviving member is seen back at the production studio with a final message to the world regarding what is Moz. Mick has learned how to identify Moz and shares his message in his recording. Before the recording is finished, Mick is taken by Moz.

P. Roberts
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