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It has been told for many generations of the sacrifice of a true and noble Dragon King
who ruled the Dragon Kingdom of Dragana, which was under attack from Humans who were slowly but surely eradicating these wondrous creatures.

During these turbulent times the Dragon King was growing too weak to protect his Kingdom, out of despair the great Dragon King seeked out a wizard called Thaddeaus, to take his inner strength and true Dragon essence from the blood of his heart.

The Dragon King’s blood was placed into an amulet worn by the Dragon King which contained a crystal, the crystal now radiated powers throughout Dragana and brought life and strength back to all Dragons, the Humans were then driven back and peace was restored in once more.

For this peace to hold true the Dragon King had left instructions for his Dragon Council to enforce some new laws once he was gone to maintain law and order within his kingdom. these laws were very specific and as the years went by they became known as the Three Ancient Laws.
1. Dragons are not permitted to deliberately associate with humans.
2. Dragons are not permitted to breath fire in anger.
3. Any Dragon disobeying the first two laws shall be punished and banished.

Lurking in the shadows though was an evil dragon determined to locate the crystal first and destroy the peace with the humans and declare himself as the rightful king unless he was stopped..

This Dragon King also foretold of a prophecy before he gave his life in wich a brave young dragon would be chosen to stop the evil dragon and find the rightful King who would one day claim the crystal and throne and together with these Ancient Laws would rule over all Dragons and Dragana for eternity and all Dragons would live in peace for evermore, for this crystal is known as....

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