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Character Driven Urban Crime Drama "Taylor Block"

My story is a cable T.V. pilot called “Taylor Block”. Taylor Block is a character driven, urban crime drama that revolves around two crime families. One on the East coast the other in the West. The connection between them being Eriq “Nice” Edmonds.
Nice the former head of “The Family” on the East coast was raised to lead and by his side was the muscle, his partner and childhood friend Bay Bay. They both were orphans raised in “The Family”. Nice led a good life. He had money, power and respect, a beautiful young wife and child. He had it all. Until…
Bay Bay under the influence of The Family’s matriarch Momma decided he no longer wanted to be number two and set Nice up to be sent away leaving behind his wife and child. With Nice in prison Bay Bay took over.
 Nice would soon receive the news that his wife was murdered and his son is now in foster care.
While in prison Nice is approached and blackmailed by a corrupt [sign in to see URL]. Agent into working undercover with the safety of his son at stake. He must travel out West and investigate “The AlleyCats”, a West Coast crime syndicate to which he has blood ties, the only way in.
Nice reluctantly agrees and is released from prison. Being the man that he is he takes some time to exact a measure of revenge. He robs and beats Bay Bay senseless, crippling him. Unknowingly he has set into motion a deadly power play between a recovering Bay Bay and Momma. A power struggle will ensue even as they both pursue a common goal, finding Nice and recovering the money.
Meanwhile Nice, his son and Agent Monie Jackson his partner and soon to be love interest arrive in California. They find that The AlleyCats run a whole city block where they live, enforcing their own rules and do not tolerate any illegal activity around them. Nice meets a whole cast of characters and immediately bumps heads with Detective Branch (a dirty cop) and C-Bo the Alpha Dawg of “The AlleyCats”. With his cousin Chance vouching for him he is granted probation status and must prove he can earn.
With the money stolen from Bay Bay Nice is easily accepted by most of The AlleyCats but C-Bo remains untrusting. Unleashing Branch to uncover any and all secrets.
Nice must navigate his way between a corrupt [sign in to see URL]. Agent, C-Bo and The AlleyCats, a retired hitman sent by Momma all the while not only surviving but also finding a way out for him, Monie and his son.
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