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Mutant Specimen L - action, horror screenplay

A powerful deformed lab Creature capable of medical marvels escapes leaving behind a unique relationship with a small boy until vicious maulings in the Everglades leads to an old Indian tied to their destiny.

Animal behavior scientists continue to debate if certain ferocious prehistoric beasts with intelligence also possessed a surprising display of emotions such as happiness, grief and compassion.

REX is a precocious, adventurous 10-year old kid sharing a secret relationship with a hideously deformed alpha female Creature that he calls “L.” Rex is the Creature’s only friend who, though living its entire life inside a heavily fortified cage, L displays amazing intellect and emotion.

Rex’s mother, DR. KAREN STILES, is a driven scientist who created Mutant Specimen L by infusing into a hybrid python a synthetic gene from a large and vicious prehistoric lizard beast. The DNA inclusion enables L to produce a serum to cease reproduction of cancerous cells in humans. To gain further funding, Karen works with a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, unaware that he’s out to steal her secret component.

When Karen is forced to destroy the Creature’s eggs for safety reasons, L goes into a rage, smashing her massive cage that tumbles onto Rex’s father, killing him instantly. In a heartfelt decision, Rex forces L to flee for its life.

Two years later, a shattered Karen relentlessly pursues her life’s work—L’s cancer serum. When a lead comes in of big game being mauled in bizarre fashion in the Everglades, she goes there to investigate, forced to bring along Rex.

While there in swampland, Karen runs into her old college boyfriend GUS HAWKINS, a former pro athlete now a park ranger, and the flame never quite went out between them. However Gus feels Karen isn’t sightseeing at the national park, as she claims, but has a hidden agenda.

Living in the Glades is an old Seminole Indian named BILLY RUNNING SNAKE, who senses destiny is upon him when meeting Rex. For many years, story teller Billy has had unexplainable dreams of a huge and vastly mobile lizard-like snake connected to a faceless pale face boy. Billy is certain that the boy of his visions is Rex and that his own spiritual journey upon him.

L picks up Rex’s scent and excitedly approaches him, but her size and ferociousness creates chaos and fear in the park. When Rex realizes L is again in peril, they flee into inhospitable wilderness as military, trigger-happy volunteers and fortune hunters, bent on seizing L dead or alive, find Rex in her protective coils.

Karen finally realizes the relationship her boy has with L, and puts her life in danger to save her son and the Creature that despises her.

The unlikely emotional depth between Rex and tragically flawed L brings an unforgettable climax to this harrowing, suspenseful tale.

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