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           A TV Pilot screenplay by
           David Orange
           (based upon his novella)
60 pp. Genre: Crime Drama/Dark Comedy

Log line: A man accidentally buried alive not only survives but is now able to communicate with cemetery Spirits, becoming more than just a medium to tormented souls with unfinished business.

Synopsis: Everyday Man WALT TILSON is accidentally buried alive in Brooklyn’s largest cemetery until a flock of wild parrots’ frantic chirping saves his life, guiding him to his destiny. With his new-found abilities to interact with Spirits, Walt becomes a medium for mourners. It starts out that way until:

A newly erected artwork plot--The Grave of Secrets, doesn’t contain a body. Visitors jot down their deepest secrets and drop notes into a slot in the obelisk tombstone connected to a chamber to give literal meaning to the phrase “taking your secrets to the grave.” But are these secrets really dead?

Several restless Spirits who begin reading the notes realize that many unsolved crimes are the result of unfinished business the Spirits themselves left behind! And then there are the new misdeeds of others about to be committed...

The Spirit of a notorious Mafia Don has a plan in place against his arch nemesis that’s still alive but can’t activate it from his deterred state. He conveys to Walt needing help, but Spirit Law forbids outright assistance to the living; the departed can only give clues to nudge them in the right direction.

Walt unexpectedly meets cemetery mourner DREAMA DAWSON—a pretty girl with a tomboyish swagger, darkly misfit, but uniquely gifted with a photographic memory and a shocking secret: her husband recently buried was a Hit Man for a Shadow Group Bureau who terminated him when he wanted out. They suspect the analytical-minded Dreama knows too much, and must also be killed!

Dreama, always looking over her shoulder, and Walt with his odd behavioral ticks, draws the attention of NYPD tough-as-nails detective HARRIE O’KEEFE. The lady cop and feisty Dreama instantly lock horns, but Harrie begins to develop a soft spot for introverted Walt. The three form a most unusual bond as their puzzle-solving skills and cunning send the Mafia Don’s rival behind bars.

The Pilot Episode ends with a snapshot of the next show. Our protagonist trio must locate the grave of a man who lived a hundred years ago when a psychopath murdered his lovely assistant. Will the man’s century-old Spirit give them clues that lead to a psychopath at large today who continues with his family’s deranged trail of murders that began three generations ago?

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