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posticon 1000 - The Druid, the Sword and the Raven (Sword in the Stone series, Episode #1)

I'm an Italian traveller, avid reader and emerging screenwriter. I'm keen on true stories that belong to the Middle Ages.
My original novel "1000 - Il Druido, la Spada e il Corvo", first episode of a trilogy, is sold almost worldwide.

I would like to share with you a feature script, finalist at Moondance International Film Festival (2015), winner at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - June (2016) and finalist at Los Angeles Screenplay Contest (2016).

Title: "1000 - The Druid, the Sword and the Raven"
(1000 - Sword in the Stone series. Episode #1).
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

The story of the genuine sword in the stone, set in Italy between the year 1000 and the year 1180.
An adventurous and exciting journey through medieval Italy.

Jack, a teen visiting Tuscany to see the genuine sword in the stone, sucked into a wormhole tackles a long journey in the Middle Ages.
The narrative begins with elderly Alferius, sent to Bavaria by Guaimario Prince of Salerno.
During a violent storm Alferius meets an old Norwegian druid in exile, who tells how miraculously he escaped the sinking of the Viking fleet.
The druid gives him a magic sword, a coin and a raven.
Despite his best efforts, Alferius never reaches Bavaria because in Pavia he is arrested as a traitor and jailed in a castle.
A woman helps him to escape at night, but a snowstorm surprises him.
At St. Michael's Abbey he knows St. Odilone, then he moves to France.
After nearly ten years, when he finally manages to find the Old Codex Amiatinus, he decides to start back.
The second half of the film is set at the Amalfi Coast.
In a tavern, four drunks gamble and tell what happened during last 150 years, from the secret journey of Eleanor of Aquitaine, to the birth of Templars.
Jack, now living Galgano's life, is able to swing again his legendary sword, until one day he becomes saint, as he puts the sword in the stone.
Suddenly, another whormhole brings back young Jack to the present time, at St. Galgano's Abbey (Tuscany) where nobody is aware of his nightmare.
However, some details helps us to figure out that Jack has really been travelling in time.

Can send script pdf upon request.

Guido Maria Giordano

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