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Are you sure no one lives "Inside" the Earth?

     A TV Pilot and Episode Two
           David Orange
   (based on his novel from true events)

Pilot 63 pages and Second Episode 59 pages

Humanoid visitors from an Inner Earth civilization appear on the surface seeking to populate their own dying race, and also to offer advice to balance what mankind has imbalanced, while another subterranean species is bent on stopping them.

ALANA, an ethereal Humanoid full of insight mysteriously appearing at a secluded farm orchard for a chance meeting with ERIC marks the beginning of two worlds trying to understand one another. Humanoids from the inside look amazing similar to humans. If one walked down the street, everyone would turn and remark about how terrific they look.

Though Humanoids believe in the universal law of non-interference with other life forms, they’re forced to break that rule... their race is on the edge of extinction due to males inexplicably no longer able to produce offspring.

Alana’s primary mission with Eric is procreation, but also to convince that truths must be told if humanity is to ever reach a higher level of consciousness and the knowledge of a long forgotten peaceful globe culture that would be for humans deeply transformative and cathartic.

Eric, a fledging journalist, is nudged by Alana to tell the story whose time has come. It begins with his aged grandfather EDDIE in a nursing home. In the late 1940’s, he as a young military Private had flown with famed explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd on research directly over the North Pole. But instead over going over the pole, they actually entered a hollow to the Inner Earth to find an inner sun and a thriving civilization that is remnants of ancient human civilizations from very far back in history that developed a peaceful utopian culture!

Byrd was led into the Inner Earth for a reason, but it was immediately suppressed by our Secret Government who also ordered him never to disclose what he experienced and had him under strict control the rest of his life.

Another Humanoid appearing to mankind is SETH. He approaches retired Air Force Major RICK MCNAIR, running for U.S. Senate to seek his help. McNair is a real long shot to win, for his explosive Bill is a bit of a hot potato that no one wants to deal with because it is too weird and they fear ridicule.

Also integral to the plan of those from the “Hollow” is 90-year old billionaire entrepreneur HENRY TASSINGER who’s riddled with guilt over past deeds—a man knowing much about an overly aggressive and warlike group of inhabitants that most believe were dead and buried when World War Two ended, but they dwell in a hideaway on temperate land below the Antarctica ice shield.

Alana’s mission to become impregnated by Eric is successful, but an unexpected development disrupts things: love. She struggles to fight off this new emotion awakening in her, and refuses to live a life without him.

When Alana and Seth’s agenda becomes abundantly clear to a secret power group who conspire with those below Antarctica, they take measures to protect their secrets, bent on killing those getting close to it and also Alana’s male unborn child.

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