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Action. Revenge of the gangster. Mix of Magic and war in reality

Hi there,

I wrote a most excellent action book titled Revenge of the Gangster. In the book a small time drug dealer, nicknamed Tony Montana from the scareface movie, dies in a car chase and finds himself in hell. He kills Satan and takes his super magic power.

 With his newly acquired ultimate powers he returns to earth only to cause trouble. He robs banks with magic abilities, conjuring up all sorts of weapons, flying, teleporting and throwing fireballs. He seeks revenge on triads, police and others.

He visits the gream reaper for battle after he is haunted in his dreams and finds a hit list so as it can help him dominate the earth. He then finds himself taking out entire armies with his power.

Heaps of action and he taunts his enemies, screaming his head off, before bashing and/or killing them.

Let me know if you are interested.

asamaras@[sign in to see URL]
0412730814 sydney

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