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Screenplay for Sale

Low budget, Limited cast, Limited Locations, Character driven, dialogues, Great for start ups.
Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (official selection)
Logline: The death of a mother strains the relationship between the surviving father and son as they go their own separate ways in a failed attempt to make sense of the frustrating reality.


KANE, 20, is a young man who grew up idolizing his mother KATE. Growing up as a rather timid and shy individual she was his only source of courage and comfort in a world that seemed so hostile. Having admired her ability to find the right way and the right words to console him left him with a sense of admiration that he himself tried to emulate. But his infatuation for his mother came to an abrupt end when he overheard a heated exchange between his father, LOYD, and his mother, letting him know about the side of his mother that she was desperately trying to hide.

After Kate passes away, both men in the family are left devastated and confused. Kane resorts to anger, while Loyd gradually withdraws from his normal life. The movie starts at the point where Kate is no more and there is a divide in the relationship between Loyd and Kane. Recalling memories from the past, both men remember the same individual in different light. Kane has AZAR, his close friend, to give him company although he seldom talks about his private life to him. Meanwhile Kane is looking to land an offer from a newspaper located at a different state.

After having enough of the solitude, Loyd decides to get back into the world outside. He goes over to meet FRANK, an old friend. Frank works at a convenience store and is a close friend of the family. He starts to frequent there often as their friendship revives. While all this happens, Kane meets a girl, ERIN, at his university. But it still doesn’t help him get over the rage that he’s feeling. Kane gets angry at every mention of his mother and even gets into an argument with MARTHA, the housekeeper and a dear friend of the family. Kane feels betrayed because the revelation of her mother’s past with addiction and mental health issues, means that his childhood was based on a false premise and that reality of it all was disguised behind her smile. This confused him, hurt him, but more than that, enraged him.

When Frank notices the divide in the relationship between Loyd and Kane, he can’t help but notice how grief draws people apart. He talks to Loyd about the time when the death of his son, led his marriage to an end. Kane continues hanging out with Erin gradually getting comforted with her presence. Wishing to avoid running into his dad at home, he stays at Azar’s place and seldom goes to his house. Azar finds the whole thing a bit absurd, and thinks that Kane’ rage isn’t justified and that it’s affecting his ability to empathies. He keeps pressing Kane on this subject, and Kane ends up breaking down. Azar walks away, leaving Kane with a lot to think about.

Kane goes home and receives a phone call from the newspaper he’s applied to, and they want him. Unsatisfied with how their last conversation ended, Kane goes back to meet Azar to make things right. Not only with Azar, but also with Martha. He knows Martha’s been saving up for a trip and he wants to do something about it. After taking care of all that, he gets to packing straight away, and is about to leave a letter when he sees Loyd in the living room. Loyd realizes that his son is grieving. Just like he’s lost a wife, he’s lost a mother. But more than that, he realizes that Kane is a grown up man, and he needs to make his own decision. And the best he can do is support him. Kane hands him the letter but he tears it apart, saying that he doesn’t need it. Kane goes his own way, and Loyd gets back with his life.
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