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"Sinkhole" - adventure / fantasy (feature)

Genre: adventure / fantasy

Sinkhole: When a hapless, well-meaning buffoon begins to question his small-town life, he makes the decision to get a pool over fixing the house, resulting in him falling through a sinkhole into another dimension where things are deceivingly better.

Randy Aldean, an unaccomplished gas man, fantasizes about a more exciting existence when he finds out that his live-in girlfriend, Frankie is barren. Following an intense panic attack at work, he schedules a pool installation instead of fixing the foundation of the house, which leads to him being swallowed up by a sinkhole that spits him into a paradoxical reality where all his dreams come true. But soon, the new world turns into a hellish cycle of vegan dinners, ultra-freaky sex and knockdown, drag out fights with a disobedient son who he suspects is half dog. Randy packs his scooter to go, embarking on an adventure that promises to reinstate his old life… if he rectifies his own missteps.

Number of pages: 105 pages

Setting(s): multiple (house, construction site, bar, hospital, vehicles)

Actor requirements (with descriptions): Male (30's), Female (30's), Male (16 - 18), multiple secondary characters m/f.

I can send the completed script upon request.

B. Self
writerbself@[sign in to see URL]

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